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Welcome to the official website of the Nitti Family! This site, which is nothing more than a forum,
is the heart of our RPG game project.

A unique role-playing game born and raised thanks to the contribution of many on the online community of HABBO.IT.

The ”Famiglia Nitti” is a group of young, willing and friendly boys who have made their
imagination and desire to have fun in a certain respectful way towards everyone, the reason for
their stay in the previously mentioned community.

The result of months of hard “work” is a complex game system set in the Chicago
of the magnificent roaring years, in which the three constituent regimes of the Nitti Family come into play in the creation of activities and events (Thanks also to the currency, the dollar ) open to everyone, where it is It is possible to breathe the air of illegality in a conspiracy like the one that has been told
several times in various movies and video games.

“The Nitti family dissociates itself from the negative stereotype that the mafia can represent.
Ours is an RPG among friends, in no way we will support the mafia”

La Famiglia Nitti non è affiliato, riconosciuto, sponsorizzato o approvato da Sulake Corporation Oy o dalle società Affiliate.

La Famiglia Nitti può servirsi di marchi registrati e altre proprietà intellettuali di Habbo come indicato nelle Politiche sui Fansite.